Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sweet Surrender

It's no secret that a recent trend in wedding favors is the candy buffet. Like a mecca of sweetness calling to the kid in all of us, brides are turning to this fun and practical favor idea.

And while a candy buffet may seem like an easy option for the couple, Amanda Edge of Simply Sweet in Charleston has a few tricks up her sleeve that make her buffets unique, professional, and extremely elegant.

Amanda's mom is in the wedding rental business as well as owner of Elegant Chair Covers in Charleston. It was her encouragement that first led Amanda to believe that this was a wedding vendor need that she could potentially fill.
When asked about the candy buffet's appeal, Amanda states: "It's just a sweet alternative to the traditional party favor that doesn't serve much purpose and may get tossed in your guests junk drawer."

Locally purchased candies like jelly beans and m&ms combine with Amanda's home made marshmallow pops, cotton candy, and white chocolate pretzels coordinating with the color scheme of the wedding. These photos courtesy of Mike Winland Studios showcase Amanda's true talent for placement and her attention to detail at the recent nuptials of Linsey & Craig at Chief Logan State Park.

Though Amanda's expertise is in high demand, she has a few pointers for those couples planning to go it alone in preparing their own buffet:

1. Have at least 1/4 to 1/2 pound of candy per guest.

2. Get creative with the color scheme of your wedding and find candies that speak to your personality. It doesn't always have to be matchy matchy.

3. Repurpose heirloom pieces from your friends and family to hold the candy in. Large glass or crystal vehicles for the candy are expensive, so save by pooling resources.

4. Create a center focus and build your buffet around it at different heights.

5. Never place anything too high. Remember your guests have to reach in and scoop out the goods. You don't want your entire table collapsing because someone couldn't get to the chocolate.

6. Pay attention to detail. Anyone can put a scoop in dish of candy, but a ribbon on each scoop or a tule wrapper on each lollipop can add dimension and color to the buffet.

7. Keep in mind that candy buffets are time sensitive and must be done hours before the reveal. If you're thinking about doing this on your own, evaluate how valuable your time is on the day of and the day before your wedding. Don't bite off more than you can chew, and don't be afraid to speak with a professional.

Simply Sweet
Amanda Edge

Mike Winland Studios
5306 MacCorkle Ave SE
Charleston, WV
(304) 345-3674

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shall We?

When David and Erica Mills celebrated their nuptials in Wheeling this past May, things started out like any typical Saturday wedding. Erica slipped on her perfect dress that morning... David waited patiently as she walked down the aisle... Friends and family watched as they committed to sharing their lives together. At the reception they cut the cake... best friends toasted to the couple... and they danced for the first time as man and wife....

Only this dance didn't bring tears to the eyes of guests, it brought the house down! After watching TLC's Rock the Reception, David and Erica decided they wanted to do their own choreographed dance to set the mood for the party.

Living in Charleston, Erica and David had no trouble booking Abbie Calvin at Ray's Ballroom Dance. And together the couple with their choreographer hammered away at a Cha-Cha routine that would knock the socks off their guests at the upcoming reception.

What started out as a slow sway to I had the Time of My Life soon took a fast paced turn to a Smooth Cha-Cha. And even though Erica and David were concentrating hard on their dance moves, Erica notes: "I saw a lot of open mouths and heard a lot of wooting and whistling. People will surely remember this more than us cutting the cake".

All in all the couple couldn't be happier they decided to take the plunge and do something creative with their first dance. "We wanted our reception to be fun," says Erica, "We didn't want anyone to take it too seriously".

Ray's Ballroom Dance Studio
211 35th Street Southeast
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 342-1220

Photos Provided By:
Sarah Burns Photography

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Plum Find

If you haven't yet heard of Shepherdstown's PLUM Jewelry, be prepared to fall in love. Designer and silversmith Cari Aliveto Rosen is churning out custom pieces like mommy tags, charm bracelets and this half inch cuff created specifically for a bride. You can see the couples initials on the outside as well as the wedding date on the inside. The perfect wedding day or anniversary gift for any silver lover.

133 1/2 W German St
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Sunday, September 13, 2009

WV Weddings @ the Fall 2009 Lakeview Bridal Show

Today WV Weddings had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful West Virginia brides and vendors in the North Central area. We hope everyone had as good of a time as we did. Here's a little recap of some things we LOVED!

We can't get enough of the these elegant black feather accents designed with lilies and hydrangea by Lora Galloway of Galloway's Florist in Morgantown.

57 Don Knotts Blvd # D Morgantown, WV 26508
(800) 267-4881

We dug the tunes of the Viva String Quartet led by Virginia Cox

(304) 599-7534

From Elizabeth Michael's in Parkersburg, we highly enjoyed this special way to commemorate your day with "Something Blue" personalized panties. They come in all cuts and sizes and can be personalized in any color.

<- She <3s cute?

And let's not leave out the most adorable way to adorn your flower girls' feet. Available in a wide array of colors.

1505 Grand Central Ave # 2

Vienna, WV 26105
(304) 865-2670

On the cake front we sampled sheets from Almost Heaven Desserts (locations in Bridgeport & Morgantown).

100 West Main Street
Bridgeport, WV 26330
(304) 848-2500

If height is what you like, talk to Cara of Blooms in Bridgeport specializing in modern and unique designs.

240 E Main St
Bridgeport, WV 26330
(304) 842-3639

And finally perhaps the most awe inspiring vendor, Christine Mazza. There's nothing like the elegant sound of a harp playing in the distance as you anxiously await your turn to walk down the aisle to meet your husband's gaze.

Christine Mazza
(304) 598-2569

Don't forget, this expo is just the first of many. Look for us in Martinsburg, Charleston, Huntington, and everywhere in between as bridal show season continues. We loved the enthusiasm and response today. Good luck to everyone planning this year!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch

While interviewing acclaimed knitting designer and WV native Nicky Epstein for the upcoming issue of WV Living, I discovered the most beautiful designs she's created specifically for weddings!

This crocheted bridal bag keeps your lipstick and tissues handy OR doubles as a unique collector for the money dance. To create this piece for a daughter, niece, or very special friend find the pattern in Nicky's
Crocheted Flowers.

Right: Create a timeless heirloom that your future granddaughters will LOVE with these personalized gloves adorned with flowers from Nicky's book Knitted Flowers.

Crochet enthusiasts rejoice and make a bouquet you'll never have to preserve. Young girls all over New York city are doing amazing things with Nicky's Crocheted Flowers. (Calla Lily pattern pictured)

The Bella Bridal Gown featured in Nicky's most recent release, Knitting in Tuscany, is awe inspiring with its delicate crochet work. It's elegant yet simple, and most importantly it's totally unique.

If you're a friend, grandmother, MoB or the bride yourself consider these handmade gems that add those irreplaceable personal touches.

Nicky's artful books can be found at:
The Nest Yarn & Knitting Specialists
601 S Virginia Ave.
Bridgeport, WV 26330

or online at:

Look for more with Nicky in the Fall Issue out September 1!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caught Red Handed

The response has officially been overwhelming. We caught bridesmaid Amanda McCray reading WV Weddings while preparing for the Friday evening nuptials of Kaycee and Frank Crislip in Bridgeport.

Amanda and the girls poured over the pages while getting their hair done at Innovations Hair Salon at 415 Benedum Drive.

Where have you taken WV Weddings? E-mail a photo and caption to and you might just make it on the blog!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great Gifts

So, you waited until the last minute and everything on the registry for the wedding you're attending this Saturday is gone. Well don't fret. This is just pure genius! We love these Numerology Wine Glasses (Set of 12) we found at Dream House Home Interiors in Charles Town. Guaranteed to prevent guests from guessing which drink is theirs all night long. Totally makes you rethink the wine charm, huh?

Dream House
217 W Washington St.
Charles Town, WV 25414
$149 for a set of 12