Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch

While interviewing acclaimed knitting designer and WV native Nicky Epstein for the upcoming issue of WV Living, I discovered the most beautiful designs she's created specifically for weddings!

This crocheted bridal bag keeps your lipstick and tissues handy OR doubles as a unique collector for the money dance. To create this piece for a daughter, niece, or very special friend find the pattern in Nicky's
Crocheted Flowers.

Right: Create a timeless heirloom that your future granddaughters will LOVE with these personalized gloves adorned with flowers from Nicky's book Knitted Flowers.

Crochet enthusiasts rejoice and make a bouquet you'll never have to preserve. Young girls all over New York city are doing amazing things with Nicky's Crocheted Flowers. (Calla Lily pattern pictured)

The Bella Bridal Gown featured in Nicky's most recent release, Knitting in Tuscany, is awe inspiring with its delicate crochet work. It's elegant yet simple, and most importantly it's totally unique.

If you're a friend, grandmother, MoB or the bride yourself consider these handmade gems that add those irreplaceable personal touches.

Nicky's artful books can be found at:
The Nest Yarn & Knitting Specialists
601 S Virginia Ave.
Bridgeport, WV 26330

or online at:

Look for more with Nicky in the Fall Issue out September 1!

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  1. I'm getting married and really want to make the Bella dress, but no-one in the UK stocks the right yarn...