Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shall We?

When David and Erica Mills celebrated their nuptials in Wheeling this past May, things started out like any typical Saturday wedding. Erica slipped on her perfect dress that morning... David waited patiently as she walked down the aisle... Friends and family watched as they committed to sharing their lives together. At the reception they cut the cake... best friends toasted to the couple... and they danced for the first time as man and wife....

Only this dance didn't bring tears to the eyes of guests, it brought the house down! After watching TLC's Rock the Reception, David and Erica decided they wanted to do their own choreographed dance to set the mood for the party.

Living in Charleston, Erica and David had no trouble booking Abbie Calvin at Ray's Ballroom Dance. And together the couple with their choreographer hammered away at a Cha-Cha routine that would knock the socks off their guests at the upcoming reception.

What started out as a slow sway to I had the Time of My Life soon took a fast paced turn to a Smooth Cha-Cha. And even though Erica and David were concentrating hard on their dance moves, Erica notes: "I saw a lot of open mouths and heard a lot of wooting and whistling. People will surely remember this more than us cutting the cake".

All in all the couple couldn't be happier they decided to take the plunge and do something creative with their first dance. "We wanted our reception to be fun," says Erica, "We didn't want anyone to take it too seriously".

Ray's Ballroom Dance Studio
211 35th Street Southeast
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 342-1220

Photos Provided By:
Sarah Burns Photography

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